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We're a cutting-edge tech company specializing in the creation of unique and innovative apps. Explore our suite of AI-driven solutions, and get ready to transform the way you do business.

Our Apps

Body Check-In

Body Check-In

Body Check-In is your personal mental health tracking app. Monitor your anxiety level, feelings, and food intake. Utilize the app's breathing exercises, personalized reports, and reminder notifications. Keep track of your mental health long-term with our data export feature.

  • • Monitor anxiety level and mood
  • • Food intake tracking
  • • Personalized reports
  • • Notification reminders
  • • Data export feature for long-term tracking
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Welcome to AutiEase, an app uniquely designed for individuals with autism and their caretakers. Whether it's a child needing a playful distraction or an adult seeking relaxation, AutiEase offers tailored, therapeutic activities to transform challenging moments into peaceful experiences.

  • • Kids Section: Engage young minds with gentle, interactive activities. Pop colorful bubbles, follow the soothing rhythm of a breathing teddy bear, or dive into an educational, calming quiz. Designed to delight and calm, our kids' section is a safe haven of fun and learning.
  • • Adults Section: Experience tranquility with serene visuals and sounds. Watch a peaceful rainfall video, listen to soft melodies, or follow along with a calming narration. The adults' section is crafted to provide a restful escape from overstimulation.
  • • Assistants Section: A comprehensive guide for caretakers and assistants. Step-by-step, compassionate instructions on assisting individuals with autism during meltdowns, ensuring their safety, and providing comfort and understanding.
  • • Inclusive Design: User-friendly for all, with engaging visuals and straightforward navigation.
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TaskMaster AI

Taskmaster AI

Boost productivity with TaskMaster AI. Effortlessly manage tasks, events, habits, & time. Harness GPT-4 AI insights, chat assistant & pomodoro timer to elevate your life.

  • • Seamless task and event management
  • • AI-powered insights
  • • GPT-4 powered Chat Assistant
  • • Voice and text interaction
  • • Secure sign-in with biometric authentication
  • • otes & API integration
  • • Subscription-based model for ad-free experience and premium features
  • • Data Protection: User data is stored locally in the device
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AI for Dummies

AI for Dummies

AI for Dummies simplifies the concept of AI for beginners. Learn to interact with AI using our easy-to-follow prompts and voice-assisted guide. Step into the world of AI with ease.

  • • User-friendly interface for beginners
  • • Collection of prompts for practice
  • • Voice-based interaction with AI
  • • Advanced AI system for superior learning experience
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Pool Q

Pool Q

Pool Q is designed to revolutionize the way you manage casual pool matches in clubs, bars, and other venues. With our innovative app, you can easily keep track of players, scores, and turn order, all in a sleek and user-friendly interface.

  • • Add and remove players with ease
  • • Keep track of individual scores and turn order
  • • Set timers for each player's turn
  • • Customisable themes for a personalised experience
  • • No collection of personal data, respecting your privacy
  • • User controlled timer
  • • Default button in the theme page to revert to the original color scheme
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Our Services

We are opening up a new service line: the Digital Twin service line. This aims to provide businesses with an immersive 3D storefront experience for their customers. This service integrates seamlessly with their existing eCommerce platform, providing a complete virtual store experience. More information coming soon. For any other information please use the contact form below.

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